Helping students learn at their pace


Strategies for Success

The Wediko School uses strengths-based approaches, engaging activities, and a variety of learning strategies to support student success. By fostering positive working relationships with students and providing clear structures, our teaching team helps students develop skills and competencies, reflective practices, and confidence in the classroom.

Small Classes

The Wediko School offers small class sizes of up to 12 students, with a wide variety of core academic offerings and elective courses. Specific classes and learning objectives can be found in our Curriculum Guide.

The Wediko School Curriculum

Graduation Facilitation

The Wediko School graduation requirements are in alignment with those of the New Hampshire Department of Education. Students placed by a sending school district may work towards a Wediko School diploma or that of their home district.

Program Oversight

The Wediko School is a year-round program accepting students from a variety of referral sources. The Wediko School is licensed to accept school referral placements for students identified with a primary disability of Emotional Disturbance (ED), Autism, Specific Learning Disability (SLD), and/or Other Health Impairments (OHI). The Wediko School is licensed by the New Hampshire Department of Education. In addition, the Wediko School is approved by Departments of Education in Massachusetts, Illinois, New Jersey, and Washington; Departments for Children and Families in Massachusetts and Connecticut; and the Department of Health and Human Services in New Hampshire.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

In addition to providing services, accommodations/modifications, and other supports outlined in IEPs, we implement universal supports to give all students the scaffolding and specialized instruction they need to be successful and access the general curriculum.

Betsy Oswalt, M.Ed.


As one of Wediko’s Co-Directors, Betsy maintains responsibility for the Residential Program, with overarching responsibility for all programming and campus operations. Betsy also manages Wediko’s relationships with our state partners at DCYF and leads the Facility Dog Program as a certified handler for Iden, our facility dog who provides therapeutic support to the students and staff on campus. Previously to serving as Co-Director, Betsy has worked in a variety of roles, including Dorm Clinician, Weekend Program Manager and Residential Director. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education from Plymouth State University and a Master of Education in school counseling from Keene State College.