Residential treatment and education

A Pathway to
Success for
Struggling Students

At The Wediko School, we believe that all children can succeed when the environment and supports are correct.

Located on 450 lakefront acres in New Hampshire, The Wediko School is a residential treatment center offering therapeutic and educational services for middle and high school aged boys experiencing significant social-emotional, behavioral, and educational challenges.

 The Wediko School’s social workers, psychologists, and special education teachers guide students through an intensive milieu of academics and therapy. Through the robust therapeutic milieu and a strong culture of community, The Wediko School students build social-emotional competence, confidence, and resilience in order to be more successful at school, home, and in their communities.


Residential Students

with diverse backgrounds from across the country


Classes a Day

with a variety of core and elective courses


Areas of Study

from traditional academics to innovative programs

1: 0

Staff to Student Ratio

providing students with individualized support


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